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We welcome all family members and friends to our Family News Pages. We invite you to sign the guest book and update us with your news or if you'd rather just see the current entries, you can do that too. For privacy reasons, your email address will not be published in the guest book.

Jaguar friends and enthusiasts can access a dedicated section of the site "The Jaguar Connection" here

Some years ago we decided to use this medium as a means of exchanging year round news since it is a more dynamic and timely alternative to our previous 'Christmas letter'. You can expect topics to change on a regular basis. We hope this will encourage you to revisit our site from time to time throughout the year and even visit previous year's pages that you may have missed.

View of Mount Baker from Raspberry Ridge Golf Course, Lynden, WA
Also sometimes we will point you to a related site or page for further reference. These are known as 'links'. You will recognize them because they will be underlined and/or printed in blue. Just click on the 'link' to visit that site and then close the new window to return to our pages.
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