There is only one topic for this year's page and it is indeed, a very sad one. On June 9, our younger son, Stephen Bruce MacCormack passed away after a brief but valiant battle with cancer. He was forty eight years old and for almost half of his life had lived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

He was educated at St. Piran's School, Maidenhead on Thames, Berkshire, England and at St. Michael's University School in Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
This photo is one we particularly like, taken during his schoolboy years

Stephen was exceptionally intelligent and creative. He was a writer and sometime poet, and always seeking his way in life. May he rest in peace.

We have selected one of Stephen's poems from 1994 as a reflection of that period in his life:


Now what mystery focuses its sights on you,
upon what rejection breaks the conditioned state
Next day memory understands the silences, the waves say in there neutral forces,
lost in this momentary frame of existence. Something's wrong when this wave
forms by drowning the other in its power to reach when there is no ending
There is no measure or line to draw
across this innocent violence,
and the waves retreat to gather momentum,
the design of chaos expends,
but the sand cannot grow.
You are now what earth of this is, dispossessed and aware, only running from responses you cannot share.


Fine Artist Joseph Kinnebrew completes this eulogy with this special tribute to Stephen's memory.


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