September 16 - 18, 2011
One of the highlights of my trip to Goodwood 2011 was that I got a second opportunity to meet personally with Sir Stirling Moss on Saturday 17th September which was his eighty second birthday. Exactly six years previously I had the same privilege on his seventy sixth birthday except this time I got a photograph! Shortly after this shot SM drove two celebratory laps around the Goodwood circuit in a Ferrari 250 GT SWB. Thanks to Philip and Julie Porter for arranging this encounter.  
Friday is the official practice day and the least crowded in the Paddock. Here you can see the 'D'-types including the famous 774 RW Le Mans car. This 1955 'long nose' 'D'-type driven by Anthony Reid in the Sussex Trophy has been driven by such notables as Mike Hawthorn, Win Percy and Ivor Bueb. The green 1954 'D'-type bottom right, was driven by owner Lukas Huni in the same race. Top right is the beautiful 1952 Allard J2X owned and driven by Alan Patterson. A third 'D' -type is being pushed into position. A truly amazing collection of classic cars
  A couple of close calls:at right Patrick Watts got a little over enthusiastic in his 1964 Sunbeam Lister Tiger when maneuvering Madgwick Corner and at left:Galal Mahmoud suffers body damage to his 1963 semi-lightweight 'E'-type which puts him out of the race.  

Fordwater Trophy Celebrating fifrty years of the 'E'-type. As you can imagine, I spent a great deal of time watching the Lightweights.. Of particular interest was number 10, (original registration 4 WPD), the famous "Coombs Lightweight" driven by Emanuele Pirro, left, just behind Martin Stretton who went on to win, sharing the glory with owner Jon Minshaw. Pirro won this race in 2005 but this time co-driver Desire Wilson wrecked the car coming up to the chicane far too fast. Gerhard Berger below left took second place in an exciting finish.Far left Colin Pearcy tweaks the Webers on his 1961 'E'-type.

Goodwood Ladies in their 'Revival' outfits prepare to start the day While the Saturday weather was not the best, our spouses did their best to brighten things up. Five couples, from Bellingham and members of our car group came together for this event and we had great fun in the process. The complete Goodwood photo albums can be found here (Remember to scroll down to the bottom right of the page to find the sub-albums). My Goodwood 2005 page can be found here.  
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